Youth Social Advocacy Team (YSAT) has ZERO tolerance for all forms of unethical, unprofessional conducts and actions that can cause harm to the people we serve ensuring that we operate in an environment that is free from all forms of fraud, questionable conducts while observing the Core Humanitarian Standards.

YSAT’s robust whistleblower policy provides all employees, volunteers, clients, customers, vendors, Board Members, contractors, and the public practical ways of communicating to YSAT any fraudulent, unprofessional misconduct and suspected illegal activities in all YSAT Operations internally and externally.

The form below provides you with an opportunity to share with us, should you suspect any of the above misconducts. Please be assured, your information will remain confidential, and it can only be accessed by the Executive Director of YSAT and our Board Chairperson who are authorized to handle all matters of our whistleblowers.

Note: It’s not mandatory to provide your details, only if you consent and are happy to do that.