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When we arrived in Uganda in 2014, we witnessed how refugee youth including ourselves became victims of the conflict and many forms of violence in South Sudan while escaping the crisis that started in 2013 fearing for our lives. During our Exchange Visit to Adjumani organized by Danish Refugee Council (DRC) under the UNHCR funded Safe from Start Project in 2015, The refugee leader of Mirey Camp (a dinka) said quote “Are there still some Riak Machars Alive” this statement referred to Nuer ethnic group that visited Adjumani where majority of refugees are Dinka ethnic group, its hateful, inciting violence, divisive and a conflict trigger for displaced people seeking for safety outside South Sudan, we were touched! We understood that peaceful coexistence, love, hope and recovery were vital, especially given the high levels of division. Communities need to have a strong voice to stand up for their needs.

The gap between NGOs and refugee youth in the communities has to be bridged in a conflict sensitive manner, where youth are recognized as potential partners for peace..  This is what led us to found the Youth Social Advocacy Team.”—YSAT

uIn June 2016, our Vision Bearer John Jal Dak founded Youth Social Advocacy Team and on 31st July 2017 registered it as a community Based Organisation under Arua District Reg. No. 503/360.  In Feb 2020, YSAT was incorporated as a company limited by Gurantee and in the same year YSAT got registered with NGO Bureau as a Regional NGO REGR152704213NB. YSAT is also registered in South Sudan with Relief and Rehabilitation Commission as a National NGO 2407

About Us

We work with grassroots refugees, internally displaced people and vulnerable host communities in
Uganda’s refugee hosting districts of Arua, Terego, Madi Okollo, Yumbe, Koboko, Moyo, Adjumani,
Gulu, Kiryandongo and Urban Refugees in Kampala to; Enhance Community Based Conflict Transformation, Promote Sustainable livelihoods, Agriculture and Innovative Skills Development,
Provide Alternative Education Programs, Advance evidence-based Research & Advocacy for
displaced communities and in South Sudan, we work with internally displaced people and vulnerable
communities in Central Equatoria State, Eastern Equatoria State, Jonglei State and Greater Pibor
Administrative area.


Self-sustained and Violence-free communities


To tackle barriers to quality education, hunger, and root causes of violent conflicts for displaced communities.

Why Choose Us

Strategic Objective

To empower local communities towards achieving sustainable
Development through Education, Livelihood and Peace for All

Certified Care

Diverse People fairly participating in an  environment where they
are accountable, transparent and peaceful.


Understanding that each individual is unique, and recognizing our individual differences along the dimension of race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, socio-economic status, age, physical abilities, religious & political beliefs and other ideologies)


Principle of justice holding, fairness and respect, that decisions should be based on Objective criteria, rather than on the basis of bias, prejudice, or preferring the benefit of one person over another for improper reasons - FAIRNESS IN OUR ACTIONS


Our people-centered community empowerment approach focuses on Involvement of all persons of concern stakeholders in all phases of our Organization Operations in order to inform, evaluate, own and sustain our interventions giving attention to Youth.

Accountability & transparency

(honesty and integrity) Our obligation as an individual / organization to uphold honesty and integrity while empowering local communities to take lead role is unmatched, accounting for our activities, accept responsibilities, decisions, products policies in Administration: Governance: Implementation to communicate openly report, explain, and be answerable for them


(Love for all, Hate for None: We do not let the behaviors of others destroy our desire for peace -Dalai Lama)

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